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74ème Congrès LMHI

25 septembre 2019 - 28 septembre 2019
NAPLES, Italie
Secrétariat INHF Paris

In the last decades the new frontiers of Bio-Medicine seem to have rediscovered the ancient paradigm of Similarity, which inspired and linked most of the ancient medical systems. Thanks to Samuel Hahnemann’s genius, such an ancient knowledge has been arousing great interest worldwide among physicians, students and researchers. His methodology, which permitted to cure millions of people, has spread in all continents. Recently this methodology has been revisited in light of new approaches which in their turn have generated discordant opinions even within the Homeopathic community. Therefore, a dialectical comparison between Hahnemannian Tradition and Innovation of our days will be at the core of this 74th LMHI Homeopathic World Congress. Evolution cannot do without its own origins. That’s why one says “Future has an ancient heart!”. Apparently, our methodology seems to meet the parameters of the so called “Complexity Medicine” as well as “Precision Medicine”, thanks to its very “personalized” approach. Yet this methodology is constantly the object of criticism and prejudice. We have an obligation to defend and develop it without upsetting and misunderstanding it. Therefore contributions from everyone are most welcome in order to open our Medicine to further enrichment and enhancement! Sorrento has been chosen for this important meeting. It is a true jewel embedded in the Gulf of Naples, famous worldwide for its balmy climate, Mediterranean scents, excellent cuisine and lovely landscape. Each year Sorrento welcomes millions of tourists and… awaits to host all the attendees of the 74th LMHI Homeopathic World Congress in the prestigious Hilton Palace.

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